10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Houston Announced

Accidents are an everyday occurrence, but some intersections seem to be worse than others. Accident information for the last five years was reviewed and indexed. The result was a list of the top 10 intersections that have the highest rate of crashes. Many of the areas are well-known to have problems. While the roadway or traffic lights may be dangerous, the bottom line is that accidents can usually be avoided.

10. 610 and Wallisville Road

9. Highway 225 and Beltway 8

8. Highway 59 and Highway 1960

7. Highway 6 and FM 529

6. Westheimer and Highway 6

5. FM 1093 and Beltway 8

4. Louetta Rd. and I-45

3. U.S. Route 90 Alt. and Beltway 8

2. SH-249 and FM 2920

1. Beltway 8 and Genoa Red Bluff Road

If you have been involved in an accident it is important to follow a few important steps. First, stay with your vehicle if it is safe to do so and call police. Take pictures of the accident before moving the vehicles. When possible, keep the vehicles in place until police arrive. Seek medical attention immediately. Some injuries may show up later so it is best to get checked out as soon as possible. Don’t make any statements about how the accident occurred. Be sure to give a statement to police and get advice from a car accident lawyer in Houston.

When an accident has caused severe injuries, the injured person may seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. Speak to a car accident lawyer in Houston as soon after the accident as possible. The attorney will review the accident report, talk to witnesses, and may even reconstruct the accident in an attempt to determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault. Every case is different. Your car accident lawyer in Houston will help advise you as to the best way to proceed.

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