18-Wheeler Crash Proves Fatal for Driver

In May of 2013, an 18-wheeler crashed before 9am on a Tuesday morning along I-35W. The crash happened in the northern part of Fort Worth just south of Heritage Trace Parkway. It appears the driver turned the 18-wheeler over on its side, which blocked the highway and left debris in the road as well. Authorities said they had to ask the Medical Examiner from Tarrant County to positively identify the body and that it took quite some time to actually pull the body from the wreckage.

The Fort Worth Police Department will be investigating the crash in full as it would appear that another truck was involved. Witnesses say the 18-wheeler was forced off the road by another big rig, which then caused it to overturn on the shoulder. It has been said that the other 18-wheeler continued on and didn’t stop once the accident occurred. Authorities say that the truck had to be set upright and emptied before it could be moved and the highway reopened. The accident and resulting cleanup caused the highway to be shut down for several hours.

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