Accident Lawyers in Houston Have Seen It All

Car accidents happen every day, and virtually every person who travels by car will eventually be in an accident of some sort. Even low-speed collisions can cause injuries that may result in the victim requiring compensation. Accident lawyers in Houston are accustomed to handling claims that result from head-on collisions, rear-enders, side impacts, rollovers, and other causes too numerous to mention. And sometimes, an accident is just plain bizarre.

Consider, for example, a report in the Houston Chronicle from January 20, 2014, concerning a collision between a car and a miniature train. If you’ve been searching “accident lawyers Houston,” you probably live in Houston, and you’re probably familiar with the Hermann Park miniature train. The train winds through Hermann Park on a two-mile circuit, and has carried passengers for over 50 years, largely without incident.

On January 19, however, a car driver crossed the train tracks just as the train was arriving. Fortunately, this is a small train, and it collided with a big car. The car was tipped on its side, but fortunately, no one was injured, and the accident lawyers in the Houston office of Kirkendall Dwyer LLP did not receive any calls from any of the parties involved.

Even though the driver of the sedan obviously sustained some damage to the vehicle, it’s difficult to read about this kind of mishap and not feel just a bit amused. However, most car accidents lack the comic flavor of mini-railroad versus luxury car confrontations. In fact, there is very little that is more stressful than having to cope with the physical injuries and medical expenses that can result from a motor vehicle accident.

If you should find yourself in the type of car accident that requires the services of an accident lawyer in Houston, call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP at 713-522-3529 for a free consultation, to ensure that your interests are protected and you receive proper compensation for your injuries.

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