Car Crashes, Death, and Affluenza

The case of Ethan Couch and his “affluenza” has been all over the news in the last week. The sixteen year-old was driving under the influence of alcohol and valium. Couch caused an accident that killed four innocent people, people whose families should be enlisting a trustworthy car accident lawyer in Houston, such as Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.

Instead of being brought up on charges of vehicular manslaughter, as anyone else would normally be, Couch’s defense had a psychiatrist state that Couch’s parents had spoiled him so much that he’d never learned right from wrong, and so he could not be held responsible for the deaths of the other people involved in the horrific accident. Now, while that defense is fairly brilliant on the part of the car accident lawyer from Houston defending Couch, the verdict strikes just about everyone who hears about it as just plain wrong.

The families of Couch’s victims, if they are going to get any recompense for their grief, funeral costs, and other side effects of the accident, will have to hire their own car accident lawyer in Houston. Their only means of getting anything for their pain and suffering will be through civil suits, rather than pressing charges in a criminal case, as Couch has already been sentenced to treatment and probation, rather than hard time.

In this case, the insurance companies will look to settle with each other, but no real recompense will be made without the assistance of an attorney to get the most money possible from Couch’s insurance company and from the Couch family. Money won’t bring loved ones back, but it can help alleviate some of the stress surrounding funerals and other costs. Hopefully Ethan Couch will eventually understand the severity of his actions and come to know that he did not truly pay for what he did. Until then, all that can be done is for the families to pursue civil suits and raise awareness of the case.

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