Car Wrecks Last Wednesday Highlight Need for Car Wreck Lawyers in Houston

Inclement weather in the Houston area made freeway driving significantly more dangerous last Wednesday starting with the morning rush period, causing five separate incidents that blocked traffic for a significant amount of time. The first major accident occurred at 9:40 a.m. when two vehicles collided, temporarily blocking one lane near Woodridge on the inbound Gulf Freeway. Two separate accidents happened around 9:50 a.m. both going northbound on Interstate 45. One occurred near FM 1746 in Texas City, blocking two lanes of traffic. The other involved a single car in Oak Ridge, Montgomery County that blocked three lanes. Another three lanes were blocked shortly after noon near Post Oak on the southbound West Loop. The last major wreck on Wednesday occurred near Fannin shortly before 1:00 PM on Wednesday when a two vehicle collision blocked two lanes of traffic.

While the weather can create significant dangers on the road, attentive driving prevents accidents in all but the most unfortunate cases. For instance, drivers should know to slow down and take wider turns during rainy weather, especially at the beginning of a rainstorm. A Houston car wreck lawyer with the right background and experience can help determine who is the responsible party. People who do not adjust their driving habits to the weather can be held at fault for damages caused by inattentive driving. Anyone victimized by such an accident should consult with a Houston car wreck lawyer as soon as possible in order to pursue well deserved financial restitution.

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