Dramatic crash between semi and garbage truck

The more tonnage involved in a crash, the more dramatic it will seem, but it might actually be less dangerous for the drivers, depending on the circumstances. Bigger vehicles in both cases mean more damage but also more protection. For example, a collision in Indiana on March 10, 2014 between a semi-truck and a garbage truck was obviously quite serious in terms of vehicle damage and size. However, it resulted in only minor injuries to both drivers.

This would almost certainly not have been the case if one of those vehicles had been in an accident with a smaller vehicle like an ordinary car, or if a car had become involved in their collision. While large vehicles are certainly necessary to transport large quantities efficiently, they are also dangerous to the average driver should an accident occur, much more so than another car of the same size would be. It’s no wonder that many people feel uncomfortable passing semis when they drive – it’s easy to picture what could happen if they veered into your car or suddenly jackknifed.

The more damaging the accident, the greater the likelihood that legal action will have to come into play, especially if fault is not immediately clear. When this is the case, accident lawyers in Houston, such as Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, are here to help. You don’t have to face the difficulties of legal action in an accident on your own. It can be tough to deal with the aftermath of an accident, especially if you were injured yourself and cannot perform everyday tasks easily. Let our team of lawyers take care of any legal repercussions, whether it is defending you from wrongful claims or trying to get information from another driver who was at fault.

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