Good samaritan injury causes community outreach

An accident near Corpus Christi during the first week of March severely injured a Good
Samaritan, leaving him in need of help. The man was pushing a car that had stalled
when another vehicle hit him and the other man pushing the car from behind. Both were
seriously injured, and the Good Samaritan has had to have part of his leg removed. He
will not be able to work for some time due to his injuries, and even when he is able to
move around, his amputation will make it more difficult to complete some work tasks,
especially along with raising his family.

The situation has caused his community, particularly the football squad of which he was
a part, to try to raise money to help cover his bills. They have all given many testimonies
about his character and encourage everyone in the community to pitch in. While it’s
certainly hopeful that they will succeed in covering his care, legal action may be able to
help as well.

In cases like this, Houston personal injury lawyers know that the guilty parties must be
held responsible. This should involve not only punishment for what they did, as
determined by law, but also paying for the damage they have caused to others. If you or
a loved one finds themselves in a similar situation, where another individuals has cost
you not only the money necessary for medical care but also the money you would have
earned while you were unable to work, you should call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.
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