Handling a car accident

With so many vehicles over such a large area, car accidents are bound to happen in Texas, perhaps even more than they do in the rest of the country. How you should act if an accident happens to you depends on how serious the accident is and what exactly occurred.

First of all, preparation is key. Have appropriate gear in your car, not just for repairs or first aid but also for the season in case you are stuck on the side of the road. Always have your cell phone on you and charged, if you have one, so that you can call for help immediately. Make sure you know where your insurance information is, too.

Preparation will only take you so far, though. If you do have an accident, keep calm and do your best to bring your car to a stop out of the way of traffic. Assess the damage to yourself first, and then if it is safe, get out and assess the damage to your car, as well as the other vehicle. See if any other parties involved need help. If the accident is anything more than a fender bender, exchange contact information.

After any necessary authorities or emergency care providers have been alerted, your next call, especially if there is any doubt about who is at fault, should be a car accident lawyer in Houston. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is an example of such a legal firm. Their lawyers can give you advice about how best to proceed or whether you can be held liable for damages. If the case does come to court, our team can represent you and help you to lay claim to the reparations that the driver at fault may owe you for the damages they caused.

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