Heavy-truck crash jams North Loop

Driving is always an activity with a certain level of risk. No matter how careful and diligent a driver you may be, the roads and highways are full of factors that often take control of the situation out of your hands. When you add heavy traffic, bad weather and large trucks to the equation, things can go bad very quickly. If that big truck has a tired driver or neglected maintenance, bad things often happen. It is this combination of factors that play a role in sometimes making the use of a truck accident lawyer necessary.

On July 18, 2013 a number of these factors produced a major traffic snarl. Even though bad weather was not an issue,. three vehicles collided with a heavy truck at the end of rush hour. The ensuing traffic jam blocked the westbound North Loop near North Main, one of Houston’s busiest arteries. About an hour before the accident, another crash caused similar problems on the westbound Katy Freeway near Park Ten. If you are involved in such situations, a truck accident lawyer is an important resource in investigating the accident and determining liability, if any exists.  Importantly, a car wreck attorney can answer any car wreck questions you may have

Protecting your rights after an accident with a large truck is an important step to take. This affects your potential recovery of damages. Commercial trucks that are involved in accidents can be liable for a number of reasons. Many companies fail to pay adequate attention to maintenance and safety issues. Also, drivers frequently push the envelope on their driving time and allow fatigue to affect their mental and physical ability to drive safely. These and other factors are reviewed by a professional and experienced truck accident lawyer when retained by an accident victim. The results of such a detailed and thorough investigation play an important role in any follow up to such accidents.

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