Housotn Mom Injured in Car Wreck

A mother of seven, together with 2 of her children, is still in the hospital following a tragic car crash near Herkimer, New York. Jennifer Hodson of Houston, Texas, age 42, was driving the van headed from Niagara Falls to Boston as part of a vacation trip, when the van crashed into a median and rolled over multiple times. All seven of her children were injured. The youngest child is 3 years old and the oldest is 16. Their grandmother, 67-year-old Tanja Evans, of Annandale, Va., was pronounced dead at the scene. Five of the seven children were released from the hospital after treatment, but two of the children, ages 13 and 14, remain in the hospital in critical condition. Their mother is reported to be in good condition in the same hospital.

It only takes one second for a traffic accident to occur, but its effects can be long lasting. Not only can there be devastating emotional and physical pain and suffering, but there can also be significant financial damage as a result of an accident. Hospital bills, loss of income and vehicular damage can all add up to significant financial loss. If any part of the accident can be proven the fault of another party, accident victims should be compensated for every single one of those losses. A proven Houston car wreck attorney will fight for their right to get everything that they deserve. Accident victims should contact an experienced car wreck attorney today to ensure the best opportunity for full compensation.

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