Houston Auto Accident High School Student Dies after Pedestrian Auto Accident

A 14-year old student died after being hit by a car in an auto-pedestrian accident. The accident occurred on November 11 on the Purple Heart Memorial Bridge in Orange County. A DPS spokesperson stated that the student from Vidor High School was apparently trying to cross the eastbound lanes of traffic on Interstate 10 when she was struck by a car. According to the report, the vehicle that hit the student was not able to avoid the accident. The driver was taken to the hospital for observation. A passenger in the vehicle was unhurt.

The report does not state whether the driver will be charged. It is not known why the girl was trying to get across traffic or what she was doing in the area at that time of day. The family had initially reported her missing earlier when she did not return home from school. The report does not indicate the time of the accident. In cases like this one, the parents of the girl will likely want to seek answers and find out what caused the accident. Houston auto accident attorneys may be helpful in cases such as this one. There are many unknowns that must be answered in order to determine whether the driver was at fault or negligent for the accident.

The result of this accident is tragic. It is unclear if there was any way the driver could have avoided the accident. Houston auto accident attorneys would have to review every aspect of the accident before determining how to proceed. If the driver is found to be negligent, the parents of the girl may want to take further action. When an accident happens, no matter the cause, it is best to seek the legal expertise of Houston auto accident attorneys. They will assist in providing the legal help necessary.

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