Houston Bicycle Accident: METRO Train Kills Bicyclist

A METRO train in Houston, Texas collided with a bicycle rider, resulting in the cyclist’s death. The operator of the train also suffered an undisclosed injury as reported by authorities on the scene. In similar accidents in the past, the families of the injured may have attempted to seek out a bike injury attorney. There are a number of reason that this course of action may be taken.     This particular situation mirrors many accidents of the past; while officials on the scene have not yet had the opportunity to figure out the cause of the accident, there is a possibility that the driver of the train was at fault. By hiring a bike injury attorney, the family is securing representation in the event that authorities name the train operator at fault.     If the operator is declared to be at fault in the accident, the owner of the train can be held liable, in which case the family of the cyclist can seek damages resulting in monetary compensation. The compensation can be used for any number of things, such as:

  • covering the cost of transportation of the deceased,
  • helping to pay for medical costs,
  • covering funeral costs,

Ultimately, it can be used in any way that the family sees fit; it’s purpose is to help the family to ease through the transition of such a major and devastating life experience.     Although the above situation may seem cut and dry to anyone looking at it from an objective point of view, litigation often has a way of blurring straight lines, and fading black and white to grey. That’s where a bike injury attorney comes in to the picture. An attorney can help a grieving family to cut through the confusing legal jargon that, no doubt, will be thrown around. Their job is to help the family to receive the judgment and compensation that they deserve.

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