Houston Car Accident Attorney Answers Questions

Ask a Houston Car Accident Attorney About Driving with a Medical Condition

When you think of hazards of the road, you probably think of bad weather conditions, poor road conditions, people driving erratically or in excess of the speed limit, or people driving under the influence. You may not think of what happens if someone has a pre-existing medical condition that might affect their driving.

Just last week, six people – two children and four adults – were injured in an accident that KHOU describes in their report as a “chain-reaction” accident. At the intersection of Wirt Road and Westview, a driver had a stroke and, losing control of his vehicle, hit several other vehicles in the intersection. Fortunately, no one was killed, and all of the people injured in the accident are expected to make full recoveries, including the man who had the stroke.

If you have a medical condition that may affect how you drive, you should get in touch with a Houston car accident attorney to discuss your rights and the precautions you need to take to avoid situations like this one. The man who caused the accident had not imbibed any alcohol or taken any illicit drugs. He may or may not have even had a history of heart problems.

While you are expected, whenever you are driving, to be in control of your car, certain circumstances can create problems for drivers with health problems. If you have no medical history that indicates that you would have a problem driving, an accident like this may or may not result in restrictions on your license or loss of driving privileges. A Houston car accident attorney like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can help you in cases like this.

If you do have a pre-existing condition, you should keep the contact information for a Houston car accident attorney with you whenever possible, especially when driving.

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