Houston Car Accident Attorneys Make Driving Less Scary

In September of 2012, My Fox Houston reported two separate fatal car wrecks that had occurred within three hours of each other in the city. The first accident occurred on Bellaire Boulevard at about 11:30 PM. In this accident, a driver traveling westbound on Bellaire, near Cook Road, lost control of his white Lexus. The car left the road at a high rate of speed, hitting a utility pole hard enough to split both the car and the pole. The most chilling part of this report states that most of the driver’s body was thrown from the car.

The second accident, which happened around 1:30 AM on the opposite side of town, in the eastbound lanes of the 610 North Loop West involved two vehicles. The first vehicle, a silver Infiniti had stalled and come to a stop in the lane, when a black Dodge Charger struck it from behind.

The nineteen year-old driver of the Infiniti was pronounced dead at the scene. Both his passenger and the woman driving the Charger were taken to hospitals, the passenger for treatment of serious but not life-threatening injuries, and the driver for a mandatory toxicology test.

With accidents this severe happening within hours of each other, you have to think of your own safety when driving. If you live in Houston, car accident attorneys like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP are here for you to answer your questions about collisions on the road.

Keeping the contact information for one of the trustworthy Houston car accident attorneys on-hand when you’re driving can give you more confidence when you’re driving. That’s not to say you should be careless, but when you know that you’ll have one of many Houston car accident attorneys on your side, you can drive with confidence instead of fear.

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