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Protect Yourself with the Help of a Car Accident Lawyer in Houston

More tragedy hits on the roads of Texas this week, as two people are injured and one is dead in a single-vehicle accident in northwest Houston. Witnesses report that a pickup truck, which was traveling at about forty miles per hour, lost control in a curve. The truck left the road, became airborne, and rolled at least twice. One passenger was ejected from the vehicle, and another crawled from the wreckage once the truck came to a stop.

The family of the deceased passenger is obviously stricken with grief. Witnesses say that both of the passengers and the driver looked to be young, perhaps still in their teens. No mention has been made in the news report on the accident as to whether the deceased was driving or was just a passenger in the vehicle. This is a very sad and stressful time for everyone involved, but especially the family of the boy who died.

This is a case when calling a car accident lawyer in Houston could help the grieving family and the families of the surviving, injured young people understand what happens next. If the deceased young man was the driver, then the two passengers will need to sue his insurance company for compensation for injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If the deceased was one of the passengers, the driver will need to call a car accident lawyer in Houston, like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, for representation. He may be faced with charges of vehicular manslaughter. When he was taken to the hospital, he would have been administered a toxicology test to see if there was evidence of alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of the accident.

A car accident lawyer in Houston can help you deal with all of the legal and financial ramifications of a car wreck, whether you were driving or just a passenger.

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