Houston Car Wrecks Cause Traffic Jam

Typically on a Monday morning, the worst thing most people worry about is being late to the office after a long, relaxing weekend.  Few people consider the prevalence of auto accidents on the Houston freeways during these early morning commutes.

There were three auto accidents on the freeways near downtown Houston in the space of three hours.  There was a three vehicle wreck on the Southwest Freeway’s northbound lane near the Golf Freeway at 7:40 AM on July 15th, 2013. This came little more than hour after a 10 car pileup shut down the northbound lane of the North Freeway.  Another two-vehicle wreck occurred 5:15 AM that also blocked two lanes of traffic on the northbound lane of the North Freeway.  Although no injuries have been reported, these reports emphasize your potential need for a Houston car wreck attorney if this were to happen to you.

It’s important to remember that your wellbeing is the most important concern after an auto accident.  However, it is also important to consider utilizing the services of a Houston car wreck attorney.  Whether the primary damage is to the car, yourself, or one of your passengers, a Houston car wreck attorney can help you explore your options, making sure that you get all of the compensation that you deserve and need.

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