Mother and Her Three Daughters Killed in Fiery Crash

Krystle Carranza, a 27-year-old mother of three, was driving the wrong way down Interstate 20 near FM 740 when she hit another vehicle head on. Krystle’s three daughters, 10-month-old Aleah, three-year-old Delaney, and five-year-old Nevaeh were also in the vehicle with her. All four unfortunately died as a result of the crash. The driver of the other vehicle, 70-year-old Fred Ulysses, was also killed.

A trooper with the Department of Public Safety saw Krystle driving the wrong way down I-20 when she passed him going west in the eastbound lane. He started to turn around to go stop the vehicle but before he got the chance, he saw the truck hit the SUV head-on and both vehicles exploded into flames. Authorities say emergency crews tried to put the flames out, but the fire was unfortunately too strong. The accident ended up shutting down all eastbound lanes of I-20 for almost 6 hours to for the clean-up and investigation. The troopers are looking into whether or not alcohol was a factor in the accident.

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