Nighttime rollover injures two

An accident in the middle of the night in Nebraska has left a driver and a passenger in serious condition. While two vehicles were involved, only one was seriously damaged, rolling multiple times and ejecting the passenger. The occupants of this vehicle were both left in critical condition after the incident, and were aided by witnesses until help arrived on the scene. The other vehicle’s driver was unharmed by the incident. Although there were several witnesses, the root cause of the accident is still unclear, and officials are looking into it.

Collisions are a messy topic. Even under the best of circumstances, when there are objective witnesses to the accident, it can be difficult or impossible to piece together what happened. Incidents occur at high speeds and can seem like a blur to even keen observers. In some cases, even when it is known who is at fault, it isn’t possible to determine why they lost control of their vehicle. Also, sometimes no one is at fault, and the incident is truly just an accident, but it can be hard for people to accept that when they’ve suffered significant injuries or damage to their vehicle.

For all of these reasons, it is important to know an accident attorney in Houston. The more severe the accident, the more urgent it becomes to sort matters out legally, as who will pay for the damages and hospital bills is usually an issue. However, it can also be more difficult to handle such matters after a serious accident, especially if you were the one who was injured. Having someone on your side that is reliable and prepared can make everything go much more smoothly and put your mind at ease. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP would like to fill that position with our legal team.

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