Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help When an Accident Is Ambiguous

Early in the year in 2012, a giant pile-up occurred in Port Arthur, Texas. At 5:45 AM, as early-risers were on their way to work, a heavy fog rolled over Highway 73. The fog was so dense that headlights couldn’t penetrate it. Over fifty cars were involved in the accident that morning, with fifty-four injuries – including a heart attack – but no fatalities. A lot of Houston personal injury lawyers got phone calls that day, and with good reason.

One woman involved in the major accident thanked God that the school buses hadn’t started running yet that morning, as it would’ve been horrifying to add children into the mix of what could have been a much, much worse accident.

In the case in which you’re in an accident with just one or two other vehicles, and it’s easy to tell who’s at fault and who isn’t, you – and others involved – may still need to call Houston personal injury lawyers, but at least in those cases, you know that you’re working with your attorney and against the insurance company of the driver who was at fault. What do you do, though, when the fault lies with an act of nature, and it’s nearly impossible to see who hit who first?

Is it your fault if you rear-end someone because someone rear-ended you and pushed your car into the car in front of yours? Is there one single person at fault when a domino effect like this happens? It’s inadvisable to deal with insurance companies on your own in cases like this. Getting help in Houston from personal injury lawyers, like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, can help you to understand the laws and to get the money you need, not only for the damage to your car, but also for medical bills and pain and suffering costs.

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