Rear-ended? Seek legal advice

On January 19, 2014, KRTK-TV reported on a rear end car wreck that took an unusual, violent twist. On Beechnut in Southwest Houston, a Suburban was rear ended by a Chevy Blazer. The driver of the Suburban entered a nearby parking lot, and no doubt assumed that the driver of the Blazer, who followed, was going to exchange insurance information.

One could reasonably assume that the driver of the Blazer was at fault, since in virtually every rear end car wreck, it is the driver in the rear who has erred. Apparently the Blazer’s driver didn’t see it that way. He exited his vehicle, produced a gun, and fired a shot, which struck the female passenger in the Suburban. She was transported to hospital and will survive. She will certainly require compensation for the suffering that she will endure on her long road to recovery.

If you are the victim in a rear end car wreck, it’s unlikely that it will take the form of anything this extreme. Most likely you will suffer more common injuries like whiplash, which is also called Cervical Acceleration Deceleration Trauma (CAD). This happens when the body is kept immobile by your seat belt, but the neck and head snap back and forth due to the impact. This can result in serious nerve damage which may take a while to manifest, and which will not usually show up on an x-ray. Such injuries may require long term care or physiotherapy.

In the event of a rear end car wreck, it is important to seek competent legal advice. The car accident attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP have the knowledge and the resources to act on your behalf with insurance companies and medical service providers, and if necessary, to represent you in court. Our goal will be to ease the process of your recovery by making sure that you receive the compensation you will require to move forward. Consultation is free, and is easily arranged by calling 713-522-3529. We will be pleased to assist you.

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