Smaller vehicle crashes increase with warm weather

No one has been surprised to hear about accidents in recent months. After all, extreme
weather has caused icy roads and poor driving conditions all over the United States,
even in areas that usually remain unaffected. It would make sense to think that now that
the weather is getting warmer, collisions will decrease. While that may be right for
regular passenger vehicles, smaller vehicles actually see a lot of accidents at this time
of year, and these crashes can often cause more severe injuries than larger vehicles

If you think about it, it makes sense. People don’t often ride ATVs or motorcycles when
the weather is bad. As spring arrives, people get this type of vehicle out again, and
there are more accidents involving them occur than when there were barely any on the
roads. But increased numbers may not be the only reason. Smaller vehicles are more
likely to be involved in collisions where the other driver did not see them, and that
tendency only increases when there have been none to see for a while. Also, spring
road conditions like potholes that are only inconvenient for larger vehicles may cause a
complete loss of control in smaller ones.

This all means that spring is the perfect time to proactively look into a Houston
motorcycle accident attorney like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP. Having a law firm to handle
your accident may seem like asking for trouble, but it’s actually a very good plan. It is
hard to manage legal matters when you are seriously injured. If you already have a firm
who can do it for you, things will be much easier. If you’ve already met with misfortune
this spring, you can give us a call as well to discuss the legal implications of your

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