Truck accident lawyers in Houston have their work cut out for them

Houston is a big city with a lot of trucks, and that keeps truck accident lawyers in Houston very busy. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP handles all types of motor vehicle accident claims, many of which involve different types of trucks.

Usually when people think of truck accidents, a semi comes immediately to mind. But recently, a comparatively small vehicle, a dump truck, was involved in a fatality that caught the attention of KTRK-TV in Houston.

On January 3, 2014, an SUV collided with a dump truck. As truck accident lawyers in Houston can tell you, when there is a fatality in a motor vehicle accident, it’s usually the person in the smaller vehicle that perishes, and this case was no exception. The accident, which occurred near Fry on FM 529, resulted in the death of the SUV driver.

Most motor vehicle accidents are of the “fender-bender” type that occur at low speeds and result usually in property damage or minor injuries. However, accidents with trucks do happen with alarming regularity, because of the prevalence of trucks on our roads and highways. Causes can vary, and one of the most important tasks truck accident lawyers in Houston can face is investigating the cause of the accident their client was involved in. Particularly if there were multiple parties to the accident, apportioning responsibility can become almost a mathematical process. It’s even possible that the client may have been, to some degree, complicit in their own misfortune.

If you’ve been in a truck accident, one of Kirkendall Dwyer LLP’s truck accident lawyers in Houston can help restore your peace of mind. Our attorneys are trained in traffic, liability, and personal injury, and can help you with your claim. Help is as close as the nearest phone, so call 713-522-3529 today to book an appointment for your free consultation.

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