Two Killed After Crash on North Beltway

On Friday, a crash occurred at the toll plaza near Antoine, TX between a car and a dump truck. Two people were killed in the crash and authorities haven’t yet released information about how the accident actually happened or who might have been at fault. The accident happened around 11am, shutting down the eastbound lanes and caused traffic to back up for miles.

When a vehicle like a dump truck is involved in a crash, the effects can be devastating. Since they are much larger and heavier than a standard car, the injuries that result in an accident with one of these vehicles can be catastrophic, if not fatal. If you have been involved in an accident with a vehicle like a dump truck or 18-wheeler, you may be considering a lawsuit. However, since there are safety rules and industry regulations involved with the trucking industry, bringing a personal injury case against the trucking company may be a little more complicated.

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