Weather hazards continue even in warm temperatures

Winter has been brutal this year all across the country, but as usual, states like Minnesota have had the worst of it. While ice and snow have caused many accidents nation-wide, officials urge drivers to continue to be careful even as things finally start to thaw. While many people are ready for spring to be here, the fact is that temperatures are still fluctuating and can cause road conditions that are at least as dangerous as the streets that were coated with ice before.

One factor is that while people expect the roads to be clear now, due to melting, temperatures can often dip back below freezing at night and cause ice to reform. This leaves drivers going at fair weather speeds when the roads are still dangerous. Additionally, the thawing and refreezing is rough on the roads themselves. The way the water contracts and expands during this cycle opens up cracks in the pavement, creating serious potholes that can contribute to drivers losing control on the road. In the last two weeks, Minnesota road officials believe that eight traffic deaths have been related to these weather conditions, even though the weather has improved greatly from earlier in the year.

Even when weather is a factor, other drivers can still be held responsible for their part in an accident and may have to pay damages. When you operate a vehicle, you are supposed to compensate for conditions, and failure to do so can put you in a position of legal liability. If you believe another party in your accident was at fault, you might want to call a car accident lawyer like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP. Taking legal action can help cover the repair costs and medical bills that you have to cope with after an accident.

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