Accident prevention technology is on the way

A recent report from Volvo claims that technology will soon be available to help drivers, especially truckers, in many new ways. Trucking accidents in particular are often caused by fatigue. Many people may not realize it, but scientists have concluded that people who are sufficiently sleep-deprived are in as poor a condition to drive as someone who is drunk. Truckers are not the only ones involved in fatigue-related accidents, but tight deadlines and intense schedules lead them to be more susceptible.

Collision-avoidance and lane departure systems can help prevent some of the accidents caused by fatigue. Not only can they avoid the accident that is imminent when they are activated, they will also serve as a warning to the driver that they need to stop and rest before continuing.

New technologies might also help avoid accidents caused by mechanical error and make trucks safer and more efficient. Trucks may even be able to be repaired remotely, avoiding trips to repair stations that cost time and money and that drivers or companies may be reluctant to complete, even when their vehicles are reaching their limits. There are also gadgets that should help identify the problem with a vehicle more precisely, which should make sure that all necessary repairs happen immediately, maybe even before the mechanical problems cause issues on the road.

For now, however, these technologies are in their infancy. Until these systems exist to make driving a safer experience, you can protect yourself by hiring a car accident attorney. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP’s team of lawyers will be standing by to help if you ever find yourself in a collision, whether it is with another passenger vehicle or a truck. You may be able to get compensation for the bills associated with the accident.

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