Call A Car Accident Attorney in Houston

Sometimes a minor problem can result in major damages and tragic results. Having the number for a reputable car accident attorney in Houston can help you when you least expect it. A Houston driver was decapitated in November of this year while reportedly speeding past a pre-existing wreck, creating a very sticky legal situation, post mortem.

The wreck started as a single-vehicle crash. A woman driving a black Nissan had rolled her car over but was not injured. She got out of the vehicle to assess the situation. Then, after she was out of the vehicle, the driver of a pickup truck struck her car.

Neither she nor the driver of the truck was injured, but shortly thereafter, while the two were waiting on police and tow vehicles, a Toyota Corolla whizzed past. Unfortunately, the Corolla driver hadn’t seen that a part of the truck was extended out into the roadway. That part of the truck was apparently sharp. It sliced through the Corolla’s windshield and a pillar and decapitated the driver.

Who is at fault for the decapitated driver’s death? Is it his fault for driving too close to an accident site or at too high of a speed? Is it the pickup truck driver’s fault for not seeing the turned-over Nissan in the first place? Is it the Nissan driver’s fault for creating an obstruction in the road? A car accident attorney in Houston, like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, can help answer these kinds of questions.

Fatal wrecks are very serious matters, not just for the loss of life, but also for the complications in prosecution of fault. If someone else is cited as having fault in the wreck, they may be facing criminal charges, like involuntary vehicular manslaughter. Getting in touch with a car accident attorney in Houston can put your mind at ease if you’re ever in an ambiguous and frightening situation like this.

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