Distracted Driving Likely the Cause of Accident with Injuries

A multiple accident crash occurred in the early morning hours of November 12. The crashes occurred near Grantham in New Hampshire. The first accident occurred shortly after 5 am when a large tractor-trailer jackknifed, then slid down an embankment. The accident shut down a lane of southbound traffic as tow trucks worked to remove the wrecked truck.

While tow trucks were removing the trailer a driver headed northbound failed to slow down for traffic in front of the vehicle. This caused a serious rear-end accident that made the vehicle go airborne and careen down the same embankment where the first accident was being cleared. A tow truck driver was injured when the passenger car hit him. Fortunately, the man was pushed somewhat out of the way by a trooper; however, the man did sustain injuries and had to be transported to the hospital.

The driver of the passenger car was also injured and taken to the hospital from the scene. Police say the second accident was most likely caused by distracted driving. The driver of the passenger car was looking across the road at the first accident and failed to notice that traffic ahead had come to a stop. Distracted driving isn’t just due to cell phone use. Many different things can cause a driver to become distracted and this is just one example. When accidents occur in Texas, it is necessary to talk to a Houston truck accident attorney to determine the best way to proceed.

It the driver who caused the accident was distracted, there is probably no doubt as to the cause of the wreck. An experienced Houston truck accident attorney would review the accident report, talk to witnesses, and complete an accident reconstruction if necessary. Once liability and negligence has been established, the Houston truck accident attorney will work with the insurance company to get a settlement to pay for medical expenses and other costs that should be covered by the responsible party.

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