Driving More Carefully Can Save Lives

Two car accidents recently in Texas have resulted in fatalities due to excessive speed and loss of control. In a sad coincidence, both accidents killed three people, each. The first, at Sam Houston University, killed three students and left a fourth in the hospital.

The second, in north Oak Cliff near Dallas, killed a sixty-six year-old woman, her son and his girlfriend of five years. None of the survivors of these accidents or families of the deceased would have to call a car accident attorney in Houston if the drivers had simply slowed down and paid a bit more attention to the road.

In the case of the college kids, the accident occurred sometime before 5:00 AM on a Saturday. No mention has been made of drug or alcohol use, only that the vehicle was speeding at the time that it left the road and impacted a university building, killing three of its occupants and injuring the fourth.

Whether the survivor, twenty-three year-old Thomas Roling, was the driver or not, he and his parents need to get in touch with a car accident attorney in Houston, either to face potential charges of vehicular manslaughter if he was driving, or to get a reasonable recompense from the driver’s insurance company if he was not.

The second accident involved two cars. Jessica Barrientos, one of the people killed in the accident, was driving in excess of the speed limit when the car hit the pole that would kill her, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s mother.

Another car was involved in the accident. It’s uncertain which car was at fault or who lost control first, but it might have been prevented, or at least not been fatal, if the drivers involved had been driving more responsibly. Pay attention to the laws of the road and keep an eye on your speed for your safety and the safety of others. If you do find yourself in an accident, car accident attorneys in Houston, like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, are here for you.

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