Students Safe after School Bus Collision in Houston

School Bus Collision in Houston

Courtesy KHOU

A Houston Independent School bus was involved in an accident, which fortunately did not result in any students being injured.

The crash, which involved the school bus and another vehicle, occurred in the early morning hours of November 7 in Southwest Houston on Foxshire near Almida.

There were eight students aboard the school bus, and of course, at that time of the morning, the bus was en route transporting students to elementary school, specifically the Grissom Elementary School at 4900 Simsbrook.

Although the students did not sustain injuries, the bus driver was taken to the hospital, although HISD officials report that was a precaution.   Another bus transported the students to school after their eventful morning.

Very little information was made available about the bus driver’s condition, who was in the other vehicle or the cause of the accident, but the investigation is ongoing.

According to the National Safety Council, there are more than 52 million student trips daily, and the national school bus accident rate is 0.01 per 100 million miles traveled, compared to 0.04 for trains, 0.06 for commercial aviation and 0.96 for other passenger vehicles.  Accordingly, school buses are about nine times safer that other passenger vehicles during the normal school commute.

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