Teaching your teen how to avoid car accidents

Teens are a particularly vulnerable population when it comes to car crashes that cause serious injury or a fatality.

Teens make up just 6 percent of all drivers. But drivers who are 15 to 20 years old are involved in 13 percent of all fatal crashes, according to WebMD. The disparity stems from several factors, which is primarily inexperience. If your child is involved in an accident, it is best to do the same thing that you would do if it were your own accident: get a Houston car accident lawyer such as Kirkendall Dwyer LLP involved right away.

There are some precautions that experts suggest you take to prepare your teen driver for being on the road with other drivers and learning how to make good decisions:

  • Encourage your teen to drive defensively and be aware of other drivers.
  • Tell them not to drive while distracted, i.e. texting, talking on the phone, eating, etc.
  • Let them know to always wear a seatbelt.
  • Tell them to never drive drunk or under the influence of a drug and not to ride with anyone else who is under the influence.
  • Don’t let the teen drive alone until you are sure they have had enough experience behind the wheel.
  • Encourage your teen to pull over and phone you or someone they trust if they are tired and not to drive while sleepy.
  • Make sure they have access to insurance information and know the steps to take if they are involved in a car wreck.

Car accidents involving teens can be a very scary situation for the teen’s parents. Parents should attempt to be proactive to deter their teen from getting into a wreck. However, if your child is involved in an incident and needs help, please make sure you contact a lawyer.

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