Tragic Train Incident: Teen Killed by Train

It’s really unimaginable and patently tragic, but pedestrians do get hit by trains.  With the effort of a few steps, a person can avoid tragedy with such a huge vehicle.  Unfortunately, this type of fatality occurs more than necessary.  There is always a personal injury attorney to turn to who can help a family make sense of this type of accident.  The primary reason for a pedestrian and train fatality is the pedestrian using a media device or ear buds for music while ignoring lighted warnings to yield.

Chris Neves of the Houston suburb of New Caney, Texas is one of those pedestrians whose life was cut short by a confluence of bitter elements and ignored signals.  The teen was reportedly walking his girlfriend home and listening to music when struck by the train.  The crew of the train claims to have sounded the horn and applied the breaks, but it was too late for Mr. Neves.

Many people do not understand that stopping a vehicle with tens of thousands of tons of weight behind it takes a long stretch of track.  Anyone can imagine the legal mess this type of accident can cause.  First, there is the determination of fault, if any.  Next, is a drawn-out investigation of any industrial protocols that might not have been observed.  After that, a nearly endless strain of ordinance reviews, depositions, monetary compensation hearings and certainly, counseling for all parties involved.

The family of the teen who was struck would certainly do well by enlisting the help of a personal injury attorney with a wide breadth of knowledge concerning cases like these.  This highly specialized brand of legal professional has the skill to help all parties come to favorable agreements.  Their work also helps others become aware of the need for safety around railroad property.

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