Truck driver at fault for chemical accident

Ansonia, CT had to deal with a road closing on March 6 after a car accident led to a chemical spill. Not only did the road have to be closed while the initial accident was cleaned up by HAZMAT teams, it will now have to be replaced due to the nature of the chemicals. The chemicals were being stored in a trailer being pulled by a pickup truck, which jackknifed across the highway and ended up colliding with the concrete barrier and spilling the chemical barrels. At least two barrels leaked their contents.

The incident caused not only damage to the initial truck and another vehicle, but also to the roadway. In addition, it caused hazardous conditions for people nearby, due to the dangerous chemicals, and had a large negative effect on traffic, since it closed down an important and busy roadway for a long period of time. It was also responsible for backups and dense traffic elsewhere as people were forced off the highway and onto roads meant for a smaller volume of traffic. It’s hard to even estimate the total amount of damage that this accident did, even though it only directly involved one vehicle and no loss of life.

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