Truck Driver Mistakes


Driving Too Fast

Driving too fast is something we have all been guilty of at one time or another. However,
when these excessive speeds are combined with the massive size of a truck, terrible
consequences can result.

Unlike with regular-sized cars, commercial trucks can not slam on their brakes and
instantly reduce their speeds. They must reduce speed gradually in order to do so safely
without causing an accident. In addition, trucks often travel with loaded trailers, and are
particularly vulnerable at high speeds because they have higher centers of gravity.
Slamming on the brakes suddenly can cause the load to shift and the entire truck to skid
or rollover. This can result in serious multi-vehicle accidents.

Speeding is most dangerous when it is combined with other dangerous road conditions
such as wet or icy roads, heavy fog, poorly maintained roads, construction zones, or
heavy traffic. But with the pressure of having to make stops and deliveries on time, a
driver may think he is skilled enough to drive fast and still be safe. This is not the case.
In an instant, poor driving conditions can cause a trucker to lose control and collide with
other vehicles on the road.

Inadequate Surveillance and the “No-Zone”

Inadequate surveillance occurs when a driver fails to take into account every aspect of a
situation before he makes a maneuver, whether it be changing lanes or even slowing
down. Distraction and fatigue can play a role in the failure to properly take note of the
road before acting.

No-zones make this problem even worse. No-zones are the massive blind spots that 18-
wheelers have. A passenger car can be completely invisible to a driver when it is in the
blind spot, and there are many such blind spots in every direction. Accidents between
cars and 18-wheelers are 60% more likely to occur when the car is in the truck’s no-zone.
These types of accidents make clear how important it is to have truck drivers on the road
that have been properly trained. Proper training translates into cautious driving, and
ensures that a commercial truck driver checks his blind spots as a reflex. It also helps
him focus his entire attention on what is happening on the road, thereby enabling him to
anticipate the actions of the other drivers. When on the road for hours on end, proper
training keeps everyone that shares the road with a truck safe.

If you were in a car accident with a truck, it is quite possible that inadequate surveillance
contributed to the accident. If you can, you should note down the details of your accident
as soon as you are safely able to do so. Time and the shock you have likely undergone
can erode the fresh memories that are important in building your case. A truck driver can
and should be held responsible for any of his actions that contributed to your accident.
Contact an attorney at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP to discuss the details of your case.

Evasive Action

Another situation in which proper training is critical is when it comes to evasive action.
Even the most responsible, careful driver will encounter dangerous situations on the road.
A truck driver can not prevent other drivers from making mistakes, but he can utilize his
training in order to respond quickly and appropriately, and thereby hopefully minimize
serious consequences. Proper braking and steering maneuvers can keep an accident from
occurring, or can keep an accident from becoming something more serious.

Did a truck driver’s actions contribute to your accident? Truck accidents are serious and
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