Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are more fatal than any other type of car accident, but also perhaps
one of the most preventable.  The NHTSA reports that in 85% of rollover accidents, only
one car was involved.  Though this statistic may be shocking, it is also encouraging in
that they are more preventable.  Are any of the following common in your driving

  • Rollovers are much more likely to occur at excessive speeds.  It takes longer to
    slow down, and the damage that results at a high speed will be much more severe,
    as the individuals involved will suffer greater forces on their bodies during a high-speed wreck.
  • Almost half of all fatal rollover wrecks involve alcohol.  Even just one drink
    impacts a driver’s ability to judge and react to a situation.
  • Distraction plays the largest part in single car accidents that result in rollovers.
    The scenario is often the same: a driver becomes distracted on a route that he
    usually travels, and drifts out of his lane.  The tires strike a curb, guardrail, or
    other object on the side of the road, essentially ‘tripping’ the car and causing it to
    rollover.  Distractions can range from cell phones to navigation systems to
    children in the backseat.
  • Rollovers occur more often on rural roads than they do in the city and on
    highways.  Rural roads often have higher posted speed limits, and the sides of the
    road are often undivided.  Barriers are rarely present either.  These conditions
    combine to create an atmosphere ripe for serious accidents.
  • 70% of fatalities in rollover accidents occurred with people that failed to buckle
    their seat belts.  Without a seat belt, a passenger can be ejected from the car,
    causing brain injuries that lead to death.

If you were involved in a rollover car accident, you are likely suffering seriously.  We are ready and willing to help any day of the week.  Call the attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP to get immediate advice on how to proceed.