Tire Blowouts

Either you’ve been there or you’ve seen it: the long bang followed by the flapping noise
of a deflated tire.  Tire blowouts are common, but with routine maintenance and safe
driving habits, they can be avoided.

Tire blowouts are the result of a tire bursting, followed by a rapid loss of air pressure.
Some people are surprised to find out that blowouts rarely occur because of an overfilled
tire, but most often occur because a tire has not been inflated fully.  For the mechanics of
a tire to work, there must be adequate air pressure in the tire.  When this isn’t present, the
tire can burst.

What else contributes to tire blowouts?

    • A cut or puncture in the tire that results in loss of air
    • Old tires that are more vulnerable to sudden impact damage

It is critical that tires be inspected and maintained often so that you do not leave yourself
vulnerable to a tire blowout.

It is important to consider the proper actions to take after a blowout.  After a tire blows
out, your car will tend to pull in the direction of the blown-out tire.  Try to hold the wheel
steady and stay in your lane.  Do NOT slam on the brakes!  The proper course of action is
to accelerate, because the car will immediately slow down.  You want to maintain your
speed until you have reestablished control over the car.  Once you are in control again,
slowly decelerate and pull over.

This is another example of the importance of staying focused on the road.  Whether you
are the one who experiences the tire blowout, or it is another car on the road, these things
happen in a fraction of a second.  If you are distracted or don’t have both hands on the
wheel, a much more serious accident can result.

There are many factors to consider in a tire-blowout accident.  You might have been
involved in an accident during which someone else’s tire blew out and caused the
accident.  Or your tire might have burst, but there are many factors that must be
considered before determining liability.  An attorney can guide you through the process
and ensure your rights are protected.