When Others Driving Your Car Have an Accident

There are situations when an individual who is not even involved in an accident can be found liable for the injuries and damage suffered by others. This often happens when the owner of a vehicle allows another individual to drive their car or truck. When this happens, the vehicle owner typically hires a Houston car accident attorney to navigate the murky waters of dealing with liability in the court system.

Employees Driving Company Vehicles

Houston Auto Accident LawIn many states, laws are firmly in place to hold employers at least partially responsible for negligent driving and other wrongful acts committed by their employees while they were performing their typical job duties. If the vehicle runs a red light and impacts another vehicle, pedestrian or property, the employer can be held liable and responsible for injuries and damages.

When Children Drive the Car

Many states indicate the parents are liable anytime their child is driving negligently by using the family car. Nolo.com indicates that this is often a result of “negligent entrustment.”[i] If the child is inexperienced, or drives recklessly or incompetently, the parents could be held liable for any damages and injuries caused by the child’s actions. In these types of incidences, it is important to hire a Houston car accident lawyer to sort through the many legal challenges and hurdles.

Lending the Car to a Friend

In nearly every state, the vehicle owner will be held legally responsible for any type of careless driving when giving permission for another to drive their car or truck. These kinds of laws have no special condition that there must be a “relationship” between the parties such as family members, friends or employer-employee. Once permission is given, the vehicle owner can be held liable for the actions of the driver of their car.

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