Boat Accident? Kirkendall Dwyer LLP Free Case Review

If You Are in a Boat Mishap, Car Accident Lawyers in Houston Can Help

It wasn’t exactly a car accident? When you hear the term “motor vehicle accident,” a boat is not likely the first thing you think of. But a boat, and in fact anything that moves and has a motor, is a motor vehicle. Accordingly, if you have a boat accident, car accident lawyers in Houston like the ones at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can help.

On January 4 of 2014, KATC News out of Lafayette, LA, reported the rescue of a gulf boat worker who had his foot severed when it was caught in one of the boat’s lines. The 27-year-old worker was airlifted to hospital via helicopter and will recover, although his injuries are, of course, catastrophic.

This brings home the harsh reality that boat accidents can be every bit as severe as car accidents, and can leave victims harmed to the point where they will require significant compensation in order to be able to resume a full life. Assistance from car accident lawyers in Houston can be indispensable in cases like this.

In Texas, we have the Gulf Coastline. A lot of water means a lot of boats, both commercial and recreational, and therefore the increased potential for accidents. In addition, a boater education course is not required if you were born post-September 1, 1993. A lower standard of education also exacerbates the frequency of serious boating accidents.

If you’ve been injured, Kirkendall Dwyer LLP’s car accident lawyers in Houston can offer you the personal attention you deserve. For honest, immediate, compassionate legal help, call us at 713-522-3529. The consultation is free, and we can begin working on your claim immediately and aggressively to ensure that you are compensated. You won’t be just another case to a Kirkendall Dwyer LLP lawyer.

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