Do you need a car accident attorney?

There are few things more unpleasant than being involved in a multi-vehicle accident. No one ever leaves home in the morning thinking, “I’ll bet this is the day that I end up requiring the services of a car accident attorney.” But if you do happen to end up joining the millions of unfortunates who end up in traffic accidents in the run of any given year, you need to know that Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is on your side.

We live in a very busy society. This translates into busy highways, with people rushing to and from work. Also, think about the fact that literally every single commodity is, at some point, delivered by truck. Our roadways are clogged with commuters and heavy trucks in all manner of weather, and it is inevitable that at some point, someone will make a mistake, and a multi-vehicle accident will occur. Most of the people involved will probably require the services of a car accident attorney.

On January 10, a 44-vehicle pile-up occurred in Meridien, Idaho. Police were trying to clear an earlier accident, when conditions became very foggy. A driver in a passenger car struck another car while trying to change lanes, and lost control. The driver of a commercial logging truck swerved, but was unable to avoid the car. And so on….

If something like this should happen to you, do not discuss the accident with others who were involved. A multi-vehicle accident frequently has multiple causes, and liability may be apportioned amongst several drivers. Speak only to the police, and then contact a Kirkendall Dwyer LLP attorney at 877-503-1595. We have the resources and the ability to advocate for you in order to ensure that your claim is properly handled. Your consultation is free of charge.

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