Driver Dies After Sliding Beneath Tractor Trailor

On Friday October 4 at around 9 pm, a sedan collided with the back of a tractor-trailer that was reversing in order to unload its cargo.  The car slid beneath the tractor-trailer, traveled over 300 feet, and exited the other side.  The driver was dead at the scene, but the driver of the 18 wheeler was unhurt.

The accident occurred at the 5900 block of Brittmoore Road.  The driver of the 18 wheeler was not intoxicated, but results are still pending on the driver of the BMW.

Tractor-trailer accidents are some of the most dangerous on the road.  The sheer size differential between a car and an 18 wheeler creates a situation ripe for serious injury and fatality.  Underride accidents such as this one almost always result in the death of the passengers in the car.  While underride rails may seem like they would prevent this from happening, many underride guards that meet U.S. safety standards are not effective at preventing fatalities.

Driver vigilance is the only thing that can help reduce such accidents.  Not following too closely, and paying attention to the actions of an 18 wheeler can reduce the frequency of these accidents.  Tractor-trailers can not stop or change direction as easily as a car, therefore it is all the more important that other drivers take extra safety precautions and share the road.

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