Houston Car Accident Attorney: Most Dangerous Intersections

KHOU recently reported on some of the most dangerous intersections in Houston. These intersections have qualities that make them more prone to being accident sites, and drivers in the area may want to take extra care when going through these intersections to avoid becoming one of the many statistics associated with them.

Beltway 8 and Genoa Red Bluff Road

This intersection was listed as the most dangerous in the KHOU report. It is a large intersection, which means that cars and trucks have to travel a long way to clear it, contributing to the danger. The intersection has been recently upgraded to lessen the risk, but it still remains hazardous. When passing through this intersection, be sure you’re aware of what’s going on around you. According to the reporting, passing through this intersection requires a journey of 300-400 feet. That may not seem like much, but it means that visibility may be limited and that there is ample opportunity for accidents.

Westheimer and Highway 6

This is another one to watch out for. The light timing has some motorists worried and, specifically, the report mentions that the light turns green and traffic starts flowing before the previous direction’s drivers have cleared the intersection. Be wary of the timing on these lights.

Highway 6 and FM 529

This intersection was listed because it gets a lot of fender bender type accidents. The medians seem to contribute to the errors that drivers make, sometimes going right over them, but TXDOT has recently raised those medians up, which may help with the issues.

Some intersection accidents are the direct results of driver error. A car accident attorney may be able to help you if your property was damaged or if you sustained injury due to a negligent driver’s mistakes. A car accident attorney will also likely offer a free consultation where you can find out about your legal options.

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