March in Colorado starts with enormous pileup

The beginning of March was marked by a massive, 104 vehicle pileup for residents near
Denver. The crash was caused by another large snowstorm moving through the area,
and closed the highway for several hours. The snow complicated both the accident and
efforts to help those who were involved. Rescuers worked hard and efficiently to help
those who were injured, and despite the high number of vehicles involved, there was
only one fatality.

However, even that much may have been avoidable. While the weather conditions were
poor, weather alone does not necessarily make an accident. Usually, it is a combination
of the conditions and of drivers not compensating for those conditions. In large pileups,
people driving too quickly and too close together is usually one of the major factors, and
the amount of rear-ending involved here indicates that this accident was no exception.
Witnesses seem to verify this as well. A truck jackknifing caused the initial accident, but
after that, most of the collisions were caused by people being unable to stop in time due
to their speeds and the iciness of the road.

If you are rear ended, it is almost always due to the driver behind you not taking proper
precautions. Although you may have stopped suddenly, that may well be necessary
because of conditions ahead of you, and drivers are responsible for maintaining
sufficient distance to stop before hitting the car in front of them in the current driving
conditions. If you get in a pileup or are simply rear-ended, you should call in legal help
to get proper compensation for the damages to your car. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is ready
and waiting with a legal team that can help you get the financial compensation you are

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