Truck Accident Attorneys Get Compensation

Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help Truckers Get Compensation

Tragedy struck last summer when fifty-nine year-old James Long’s tractor trailer truck wrecked into – and through – a guardrail on Interstate 30 in Texas. After striking the guardrail, the truck careened off of I-30 and fell down onto President George Bush Turnpike. Though it’s a tragedy that Long’s life was lost in the accident, the truck did not strike any other vehicles, so there were no other casualties.

Investigators did not release the cause of the accident, which was still unclear at least a week after the accident occurred. Truck accident lawyers in Houston are trained to look at the evidence of cases like this to see who – if anyone – is owed compensation. The fact that this accident was a single-vehicle crash involving a commercial truck may make some jump to conclusions.

Despite federal mandates concerning rest time and time spent on the road, many truck drivers work long and varied hours. They spend long amounts of time driving on little sleep. Many people will assume that this accident was Long’s fault and that the company employing him does not owe his surviving family members any compensation.

However, if the investigators deemed the accident to have happened through no fault or negligence on Long’s part, one of the truck accident lawyers in Houston – like the ones at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP – will be able to help get his family the money that they deserve for funeral costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

It’s often unclear, in single-vehicle accidents, who’s actually at fault. If Long’s employers had been negligent with the maintenance of his truck, a mechanical or electrical failure could have caused the accident. Truck accident lawyers in Houston are here for you if you ever find yourself in this situation or one like it.

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