Vehicle Driving the Wrong Way Causes Fatal Car Accident

In the early morning hours of May 3, a man driving the wrong way down Interstate 40 close to downtown Nashville, TN caused a fatal car accident. The driver of the Jeep that caused the accident, Kenneth Faulkenberry, was driving on the wrong side of the interstate near downtown Nashville when his vehicle hit a Hyundai Accent head-on. Kenneth Faulkenberry and his passenger, Robert Faulkenberry, were both critically injured in the car accident. Unfortunately, the driver of the Hyundai Accent, Christopher Silvio, died at the scene. He had a passenger as well, Danielle Bledsoe, who was also critically injured in the crash.

While there was no evidence of impairment of either of the drivers, it was reported that the Jeep was driving without headlights. The District Attorney’s Office of Davidson County will be investigating the accident to determine whether any charges should be filed.

In an accident like this it is clear who is at fault, however not all car accidents are as easily handled. Anytime you or a loved one is driving on the interstate, there is always the possibility of becoming involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, even the best of drivers can end up hurt. If you or someone you love has been on the receiving end of a car accident that has caused bodily harm or even just vehicular damage, it would serve you well to contact a car accident attorney. After going through something as stressful as a car accident, worrying about the cost of medical care and vehicle repair can be almost too much to bear. Contact the lawyers at Kirkendall Dwyer LLC to discuss your situation today. They can get the ball rolling to ensure that you and your loved ones are best protected after such a catastrophic event.1

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