Apple, Android in-car technology prompts safety concerns

The recent unveiling of Apple’s new CarPlay system is already prompting criticism that the in-dash unit — where drivers can make calls, talk out text messages and access other iPhone features — will be unsafe. The system is set to be featured in Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Officials at the National Safety Council are concerned about the new system, worried that it will be yet another distraction for drivers who should be focused on the road. Distractions, of course, are the main cause of accidents — and whether the fault is theirs or not the victims involved are often left to seek the assistance of car accident lawyers, especially in the instance of injury or fatalities.

Apple’s announcement came just after Google said a similar system will be available on its Android platform for Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai. Even though the systems are hands-free, having your mind on anything other than driving could lead to trouble. Twelve states have outlawed drivers’ use of all handheld phones and 41 states have banned text messaging.

There is definitely a focus to eliminate distracted drivers from the road, no matter how slick and fun the technology may be. Even if a driver’s hands are on the wheel, if their mind is on something else, they can be as dangerous as a driver under the influence of alcohol. Distractions don’t only include phones, but can also include eating and drinking, reaching toward the radio, talking to people in the car with you, putting on makeup or even using your GPS.

Car accident lawyers often review the kinds of cases that involve distracted drivers. The rising statistics of such accidents show safety officials may have cause to be concerned about this new technology, if they’re going to bring more distracted drivers to the road.

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