Call a Car Accident Attorney in Houston if Your Child Is in an Accident

Every parent who has ever sent a child off to school on the bus knows the fear that comes with hearing about a traffic accident involving a school bus. Imagine you sent your kids off to school one day, and, on your drive home, you heard on the news that there had been an accident between two commercial trucks and a school bus in your area. Your heart would jump up through your throat and beat its way onto your dashboard, wouldn’t it?

On December 2nd, that’s exactly what happened. There was one fatality in the accident, though, fortunately, it was not one of the children on the bus. The bus driver and the three children on the bus at the time of the accident all went to the hospital for minor injuries, while a hazmat crew worked to clean up a hazardous chemical leak from one of the trucks in the accident.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation to the parents of the kids who were on that bus, you need to call a car accident attorney in Houston right away. In this case, no further details have been released to the public about the accident, but one thing is certain. The children involved in the accident were blameless victims. Their parents should not be expected to pay for their medical bills, tutoring to catch them up for any time missed from school, or pain and suffering.

There are two basic scenarios that could be going on. Either the bus driver was at fault, or the driver of one of the 18-wheelers was at fault. A car accident attorney in Houston will be able to help you through the legal process of either, should you ever find yourself in this situation.

A car accident attorney in Houston, like the ones at firms like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, will know which insurance company to pursue and how to go about getting compensation.

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