Get Legal Help When Tragedy Strikes

When you send your kids out on their own, be it on their first solo car trip or off to college, your mind races with the worst that could happen. You don’t want to believe that tragedy could strike and that you might need to hire a car accident attorney for your child, but it’s a fact you have to keep in mind.

Just a few days ago, on a college campus in Southeast Texas, three students were killed in a single-vehicle accident. About seventy miles from Houston, in Huntsville, the accident happened at Sam Houston State University some time before 5:00 AM on a Saturday morning. Two of the dead students have been identified, but one has yet to be identified.
One person in the car at the time of the crash, which police believe was caused by excessive speeding, has survived. Also a student at Sam Houston University, twenty-three year-old Thomas Roling is in good condition at St. Joseph Medical Center in Bryan, Texas.


The last thing that poor Thomas Roling’s family wants to think about right now is contacting a car accident attorney, but that may be exactly what they need to do. It’s unclear from the report whether Thomas was the driver of the car that came to a violent and sudden stop against a university building. If he was, in fact, driving the car, he may be charged with driving under the influence (depending on his toxicology test at the hospital), reckless driving, and involuntary vehicular manslaughter.

If, however, Thomas was a passenger in the vehicle, he’s going to be faced with heavy medical bills, not to mention money lost from time off of work and tuition if he has to drop any classes. A car accident attorney like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP may be able to help Thomas, and others in his situation, get the help he needs in facing up against an insurance company that will fight to pay out as little as possible.

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