Houston highways redesign could help reduce truck accidents

In response to a recent fiery, fatal truck accident in Houston where a gasoline tanker caught on fire and killed the driver, the Houston Chronicle has some suggestions on how to increase safety on city highways.

The accident happened in February at the Interstate 45 interchange at 610 and though the cause has not yet been determined, the Chronicle notes that site of the accident was near a sharply angled ramp. Though the article doesn’t include the responsibility of the driver, questions are asked about whether Houston’s highways and tight turns contributed.

Attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, Houston’s truck accident lawyers, are familiar with truck accident cases where factors such as speed, angles and curves have to be pieced together to determine what roles they may have played in the accident.

Houston is home to a highway system that hundreds of trucks and 18-wheelers pass through every day. In its opinion piece, the Chronicle addresses whether the increasing freight of such trucks on curvy or angled roads is the reason for more truck accidents. If that’s the case, the Chronicle noted, a redesign of the U.S. Highway 59 interchange at Interstate 610 and new connecting ramps at I-45/Loop 610 would be a welcome and safer change.

The 42-year-old driver of the gas tanker was preparing to exit onto 610 from I-45 when he hit the guardrail and then flipped, authorities said. The intense blaze that followed almost completely burned the truck. One police officer called it the worst truck accident he had ever seen.

Truck accidents in Houston often require an attorney’s assistance to help with the aftermath. Some accidents are so intense and tragic that they prompt not only a lawyer’s assistance, but some suggestions on how to make the highways better to avoid more accidents.

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