Houston personal injury lawyers have your back

A tragic New Year’s Day accident in Atascocita left one person dead and seven others injured. I’m sure none of those involved woke up on New Year’s Day and said, “I think I’d better program a couple of Houston personal injury lawyers into my speed dial just in case,” but by the end of the day it’s safe to assume that a few would have been called.

The accident occurred when the driver of an eastbound pickup truck ignored a red light at an intersection, and collided with a semi, which then rolled over, striking a Jeep Patriot and a Toyota Camry. The semi driver died of his injuries. Others were injured to varying degrees.

This story illustrates the fact that it only takes one careless driver to get a deadly ball rolling. Houston personal injury lawyers like those at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP have the skills and resources to help you if you have the misfortune to become collateral damage as a result of a multi-vehicle accident caused by another driver or drivers.

The fact of the matter is that these days, you can’t just drive for yourself – you have to be attuned to what everyone else on the road is doing. Even then, no matter how careful you are, you can still end up in an accident. Most of us, in fact, will experience at least one car accident over the course of our lives. Houston personal injury lawyers are your most valuable resource if your accident is a multi-car pile-up. You can focus on your recovery while the experts deal with insurance companies and your personal injury claim. Call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP at 877-503-1595 for a free consultation.

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