Ice causes Texas gridlocks, stops 18-Wheelers

Icy roads are not usually a common sight in Texas, but they have been this winter. Whole highways have been shut down even into March, causing gridlocks and trapping commuters in the cold, even overnight. Sometimes smaller vehicles have been able to move slowly, but cargo transport and deliveries have been delayed frequently as 18-wheelers cannot traverse the roads at all. This isn’t just because of the gridlocks, either. In fact, the trucks stop mostly because of the weather and not due to the complications it has caused in traffic, unlike many of the other drivers on the road, who are more concerned about the other vehicles.

Why do 18-wheelers stop before everyone else? The answer is simple: federal law requires them to. Everyone knows that any accident that starts with or involves an 18-wheeler is likely to be much more critical than one only between passenger vehicles. In addition, the very nature of 18-wheelers means that they are that much more likely to have trouble navigating icy conditions. Therefore, truck drivers are actually required to pull over if they believe the conditions are too slick for them to drive safely. If they don’t, they will face serious repercussions.

These repercussions aren’t always directed at the drivers, either. Part of the reason for the federal law is so that drivers have protection too in the event that their company threatens their job for taking precautions in poor weather or puts other undue pressure on them. Many truckers need a Houston 18 wheeler accident attorney in this case in order to demonstrate that they are not the ones for the accident, but rather their employer bears responsibility. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is ready to help these truckers and also any victims of 18-wheeler accidents, due to icy roads or other driving conditions.

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